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DREAMER magazine #10 e-zine Publication !

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Open Online

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主题 - 居 /live

问卷 - 5位 对家乡、现居地等的一些回忆

视角 - 
       *两段时间内的日志交叉  以第三人记录身边最普通的人事 回看其中的联系与不同
        隐藏很微妙的故事性 - 魏臻 <一周日志>
       *由大学带动的一个很奇妙的小地方 因此才有声色欲动 黑白的夏日恍惚和冬阳暖意
        - 张狗毛<居·转塘>
       *坚持以画的形式记录每日的梦 每天的生活状态在梦中在画中有了另一段关联和折射
        - 赖巍<梦工坊>
       *俯视整个家 用想象去改造 以达到理想与现实的共鸣 最好的房子已经存在于自己心
        里- 王田田<跳房子> 


Theme: live

Questionnaire – some memories about home, place of residence, etc. of 5 people

View – Intervening the daily life:

*put two period of log  together, and  with the third person to record  the most ordinary things, then looked back at contact and different, in which hides a subtle story – WeiZhen < a week’s diary>

* That is a very wonderful little place, the prosperous in here because of  the university aroudhere , black and white films are summer trance and winter sun warm –  Zhang Goumao <live in  Zhuantang>

* She insists on the form of painting record the daily dream, Daily life state in a dream and pictures with another piece of relevance and refraction – Lai Wei <Dream Factory>
* Looking down the whole house, reoccupy imagination to transform it, so as to achieve the resonance between  the reality and ideal, and the best house already exists in your own heart – Wang Tian-Tian <hopscotch>

Thank all the contributors.



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March 11, 2011 at 1:33 am

DREAMER #10 PDF submissions :居/live

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主题: 居
关注当下我们的生活状况 以居住方式、居所形式  扩散出居住记忆与体验  甚至深入探讨 居所建筑地域性,
居住环境和人格的关系,选择居住的必要条件 鱼水 人或情感等

电子版征稿内容:Issue 10 (2011.3.10 发布)

1. 问卷 
2. 介入日常生活:记录以 一星期为周期 的 自己或他人 的居住状况(居所情况、生活方式、
自己和居住地及周围人产生互动的一些事等等),表现形式可以用 日记 的形式。运用摄影、录像、绘画、文字等都可,

Theme: living
Pay attention to our life. 
It spread out our memory and experience through the living style.

*Intervening the daily life:
You can record yourself or others living (lifestyle, the relationship between people
and surroundings,etc. 
You can write diaries to show. Better to have consistency,  into a series of works.
We hope that we can see some works using photography, video, painting or other forms.
SEND TO: dreamerzine@gmail.com


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March 1, 2011 at 9:20 pm

DREAMER first print version “chaos” Has been released !

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Independent publication.

Title of publication: DREAMER
Series name: chaos
Publication date: Dec. 2010
Place of publication: Hangzhou,China
Number of pages: 32

$ 3 USD
¥ 10 RMB (网上售价,实际标准售价为¥12元)

preview 预览

Buy it !!! >onlineshop/

Hope you will support!


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December 7, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Amira Fritz

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Amira Fritz  是来自德国的一名摄影师。很高兴邀请到她,DREAMER杂志12月10日即将发行的第9期冬季刊中,将刊登她的其他作品。敬请关注。

Amira Fritz ,a photographer from Germany. We are pleased to invite her to participate in our magazine, In DREAMER Magazine Issue 09, Dec.10th  that have other works of  Black. Stay tuned.

(images © Amira Fritz)

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October 25, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Sergey Vinokurov

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Sergey Vinokurov 来自俄罗斯莫斯科,他的摄影作品透着一种冷静幽暗的气质,画面亦显得很神秘。

DREAMER杂志12月10日即将发行的第9期冬季刊中,将刊登他的其他作品。敬请关注。Ilovethatphoto.net Photography Magazine上亦有关于他的访谈,详情

Sergey Vinokurov from Moscow, Russia, and his photographs reveals the temperament of a cool dark, the screen also looked very mysterious.

In DREAMER Magazine Issue 09,Dec.10th  that have other works of  Black. Stay tuned. Ilovethatphoto.net Photography Magazine, there is also an interview about he. Read.

(images © Sergey Vinokurov)

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October 23, 2010 at 6:33 pm

我的名字叫黑 Black

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Network called “My name is black,” the boys, born in 1985, 2008, graduated from the Painting Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and now lives in Guangzhou, freelance illustration work. He said he just likes to paint.

In DREAMER Magazine Issue 09,Dec.10th  that have other works of  Black. Stay tuned.

(images © 我的名字叫黑)

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October 22, 2010 at 2:34 pm

DREAMER #09 submissions :迷 / chaos

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2010.12.10 DREAMER magazine issue09

主题 : 迷 /  Theme : chaos


此为 迷。

征集符合主题的绘画,摄影,装置,短文等各种形式的作品,发至 dreamerzine@gmail.comdreamerzine@hotmail.com  /  Collection consistent with the theme of painting, photography, installations, essays and other forms of work, sent to dreamerzine@hotmail.com  or  dreamerzine@gmail.com

主题问卷稍后发布,工作室日志,摄影专栏,青年艺术家专访这三个版块将由DREAMER magazine邀请,旅行版块和收集梦的剧场照常对外征稿。/ Theme questionnaire later released,Studio logs, photography column, young artists interview will be invited DREAMER magazine. Travel Forum and the usual collection of Dream Theater External Call for Papers.

Deadline: 2010.11.20

说明:此期开始DREAMER magazine将精选一部分印刷为实体出版,电子完整版也仍同步照常发行。/ Description: This will be the start of DREAMER magazine publishing for the entity selected part of the print, electronic full version can still sync issue as usual.


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October 11, 2010 at 11:07 pm

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