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Tanner Almon

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Tanner Almon 来自美国马里兰州巴尔的摩,现在在纽约市布鲁克林区居住,是一位自由制片人,从事短片、音乐录影带的拍摄与制作,31岁。另外他还从事电视广告以及摄影制作助理的工作。[视频作品]他的摄影与他的工作有很重要的联系,照片呈现浓重的电影感,镜头感,当然有些就是他拍片的剧照。他的妻子Vicki也是他拍摄的主要对象。

以下是他的三组照片中的一部分。请关注DREAMER杂志第8期,9月秋季刊,将会刊登Tanner Almon另一组摄影作品“Couch Jumpers”。查看更多有关他的内容@Flickr

Tanner Almon from Baltimore, Maryland, now living in Brooklyn, New York, is a freelance filmmaker, in short film, music videoan, 31 years old.He working as a production assistant on television commercials and the other half working as a freelance filmmaker/photographer. He hope be a full time filmmaker/photographer one day.[video works]His photography and his work has important links, many photos looks like movie’s clips, of course, some of these is his film stills. His wife Vicki is also the main target of his shooting.

Here are photos of his three series. Keep an eye on DREAMER Magazine, Issue08, Sep.It will be published Tanner Almon another set of photos “Couch Jumpers”. More info @Flickr.

[Dinosaur Brainwash Helmet]

[Salton Sea Sunset]

[Yellow Brown]


WILD PACK OF FAMILY DOGS from Tanner Almon on Vimeo.

(images © Tanner Almon)

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August 7, 2010 at 3:01 am

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